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Penny Stocks: Are these Right for you?
Whenever you are investing in any stocks, it is most essential to make decision for the right time and stocks for investment. These are the two most essential elements to begin the stock trading and you can invest your hard earned money to the right place by investing on appropriate time and with most rewarding stocks. People do get richer by investing in penny stocks trading and you need to be very careful and tactful to enhance your money with these stocks. Penny Stocks are common shares for smaller public companies trading at lower rate per share. These shares are not listed on the main stock exchanges of any nation. The purpose of penny stocks is same: Buying at lower price and selling at higher price to earn money.
Previously, penny stocks were traded for lesser than one dollar for a share. SEC (Securities and Exchange) has altered the meaning of penny stocks by increasing the maximum limit from one dollar to five dollars. The reason for maximizing the limit to $5 is that earlier, the penny stocks having worth lesser than one dollar was quite risky. Penny stocks are the developing companies having limited financial resources and assets. The investment is considered having highest risk for the reason of getting least attention from people and having lower trading volume. 
Before you make decision to get into penny stock trading, you need to do full research and enter the market at right timing. Your mind should be practically ready for variations in the stock market and you should be prepared for ups and downs. Stock Market is not just about earning money and you should have courage to lose, along with earning money. If you are not prepared to lose anyway, it will not be the appropriate time to begin trading. 
You can’t get any guarantee to earn through stock market trading and you should be well prepared to lose, if any kind of unwanted circumstances arise. Penny stock trading websites are even available online and you can get enough information online to understand the concept and invest in the right options. You should know where you are investing and what time you are choosing for making investment. In USA, Penny Stocks are often traded on Pink Sheets or OTC Bulletin Board.
Penny Stocks can be purchased easily through a broker or web. Your decision to purchase penny stock shares is essentially important and there are many websites giving regular tips through newsletters or updates on their website. There are many penny stocks analysts who can send you tips on regular basis and you can use your mind along with their tips to make appropriate selection. You will have to keep patience to get results from your efforts. Penny Stock trading can be risky but you need to apply your efforts in the right direction and time to get the best output. Such stocks have higher risk for investors who wish to get quicker money and have high hopes to get rich.

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Hey man thanks for the book. I have started dabbling with penny stocks since reading it. I haven't hit the big time yet but I've made a couple of hundred dollars so far. Not bad for a nubie eh! Anyway, thanks for sharing what you know.
Darragh Mc, Cork, Sep 2010

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